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Max My Marketing & PR

At Max My Biz we will work with you to create your marketing campaign from start to execution.

We will evaluate your current campaign and identify the strengths and weaknesses to implement an effective strategy.

Our objectives is to increase your brand awareness to open new revenue streams.



This is a sample of the marketing services we provide:

*  Branding:  Build strength and value

*  Communications:  Take your communications to the next level

*  Public Relations:  PR has the power to develop more connections with your current and prospective customers

*  Strategy and Planning:  Max My Biz will work with you to strengthen your existing marketing strategy or create one from scratch, implement and execute for your business

*  Social Media:  Build engagement, interaction and lead generation using social media.  Max My Biz can put together your social media campaign from scratch or evaluate and provide recommendations on your current social media strategy 


With our extensive connections in the market place we will drive your message and showcase your brand to your target audience.

Booking for consultation

+44 (0) 777071 1185

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